The Moon has My Heart

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‘The Moon Has My Heart’ is the rich and beautiful collection of poetry about life, love, loss, inspiration, hurt, strength, nature and family.

Author Khizra Zaheer
Published December 2019
Price Rs. 750 PKR
ISBN 978-969-7868-71-1
Language English
Total Pages 200
Paper Quality 80gsm, White Bright
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English

About Book

The moon has my heart is the rich and beautiful collection of poetry about life, love, loss, inspiration, hurt, strength, nature and family. The raw emotions are concealed in every word of the book so that the reader can feel and cherish them. The beauty and pain of life are going hand in hand all along in this exquisitely crafted book. Putting all multitudes of emotion in the poetry, this book gives strength, courage and inspires people to be strong enough with tears and go to success cliff despite any heartbreak in life. The poetry in this book is paired with beautiful black and white pictures to give a delightful feel to readers.

About Author

Khizra Zaheer is a digital media marketer by profession and poetess by passion. She is born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Having the number of years’ experience in the professional field, her work is appreciated well in the industry. She presented her first poetry book, “The Love Fantasy; You in Me”, in 2018 that greatly clutched the attention of poetry lovers across the world.

With all her deep, powerful and beautiful words, she wants to help the world by acknowledging the pain of people and helping them to heal.  Her poetry is adored by thousands of international artists in their art canvases and journals across the social media. She is the founder at (a place all about tech, brands, entrepreneurship and women empowerment), social media influence and blogger. Her other side involves entrepreneurship, creating brands, reviewing technology and startups, and moving digital round the clock. To reach her get to

Instagram @khizra.zaheer  |  Twitter @khizra_zaheer

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5 reviews for The Moon has My Heart

  1. Nigam Mehmood

    This is one of the most requested reviews of all. First of all, Hats off to this girl for keeping a strong head in the face of all trouble that she went through. She’s a tough cookie ♥️ This book was sent to me by @khizra.zaheer
    Love how Asian Literature is getting the recognition it deserves 👍🏻 This is a poetry book inspired by all things common, necessary, and sometimes life-changing. She talks about emotions, feelings, honesty, sincerity and her love for writing. I personally loved this book.
    All in all, it’s definitely a good light read for all poetry lovers out there. Also, ITS ASAIN LITERATURE!!! The thing about Asian Literature is that it’s very relatable. Who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Will I recommend: Definitely YES!
    Looking forward to your next one.

  2. Mohammad Ibrahim

    This book “the moon has my heart” had left an indelible impact on me.
    “When you see a real writer, you will know by the fruits of dedication, passion, persistence and how much of themselves they are willing to put in their gifts and callings.

    I have no doubt that his book will not only be a bestseller but also impart multitudes”.

    Thank you Khizra Zaheer

  3. Faisal Majeed

    Read “Moon has my heart” by Khizra Zaheer. I am not into poetry but still wanted to read the book.
    It’s a well-written book and expresses love and life in a very deep and meaningful way. It touched my heart and few of them expressed what I always wanted to say.
    If you haven’t read the book, then don’t waste ur time and order ur copy right away… you won’t be disappointed.
    Thank you Khizra for writing a wonderful book.

  4. imprisioned in books

    The first poetry book in English I read was” the moon has my heart”. I loved the book, “the moon has my heart” and the way feelings are expressed, and I loved the cover too. Very few books are closed to my heart. And this book is one of them. Khizra stood strong when some people created propaganda against you. I really liked this book. It is easy to understand all words in it and to dive in them from the bottom of my heart. I like the way the writer expressed herself. It is very holy and soothing. It has its own masterpieces. My friend introduced me to this book the moon has my heart. And I am grateful to her. Best of luck and good wishes for all the upcoming books.

  5. Hamnah

    I read the book (the moon has my heart) and it was amazing. I don’t read poetry books because they get boring after a while but I loved this one. The poems were raw and honest and came from the heart. Someone said that this book seemed like the diary of the author. It does seem like a diary filled with personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings. It feels like an intimate book. However, for someone’s 2nd book, it was pretty fantastic.

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