Even If - Novel by Momina Hafeez - Auraq Publications
Even If - Novel by Momina Hafeez - Auraq Publications
Even If - Novel by Momina Hafeez - Auraq Publications
Even If - Novel by Momina Hafeez - Auraq Publications
Even If - Novel by Momina Hafeez - Auraq Publications

Even If

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This is the story of the girl who travels the world within her soul in search of the magic that will bring peace to her soul and to the world.

Author Momina Hafeez
Published March 2019
Price Rs 599 PKR
ISBN 978-969-7868-22-3
Language English
Total Pages 86
Paper Quality Imported Whit Paper 100gsm
Binding Softbound Paperback
Genre Literature, Novel, Fiction


About Book

We keep waiting our whole lives for the perfect moment. The moment when everything will be just the way we want. We don’t realize that the secret to our success is in the moment we’re living in. Nobody’s going to come to complete our lives. Nobody has the power to bring peace to our soul except us. We are the only ones who will complete ourselves and our lives. The power to do that lies within us. For this we must find ourselves. We go through different situations in life. Some are really difficult times. There are times when we’re falling apart. But how we react in these situations is who we truly are. Only then can we achieve true peace. This is the story of the girl who travels the world within her soul in search of the magic that will bring peace to her soul and to the world.

About Author

Momina Hafeez is an American Pakistani currently residing in Gujar Khan, Pakistan. She has completed education from Pakistan, owns Masters Degree in Computer Science from Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi. She is a gold medalist for the highest score in Masters Degree. She also has completed a diploma in Contemporary Issues from Islamic Online University. Currently working at Al-Hijrah Islamic College Gujar Khan with a passion for teaching. She views things with a different perspective, observes nature and connects it with human nature. And motivates through different examples from history and from nature. ‘Even If’ is her first debut book published by Auraq Publications in March, 2019.


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4 reviews for Even If

  1. Mah E Rameen

    All characters are built fantastically. The way Lazuline describes the inner messages of soul,the strength of bonds and to create a pearl of hope and joy out of pessimism really proved to be worth concerning.
    Tabeer’s belief about magic and finally getting it’s secret taught me that there’s nothing impossible and non-existent. You can create and feel whatever you want.
    The authoress of “Even If” did an awesome work. Thank you for writing a fantastic book!

  2. Ain Tamkeen

    Even if… an utterly unputdownable and exceptionally remarkable book. The book that would distract one even if the Zombies come and eat brains.
    Momina Hafeez has brighten this golden saying of Roald Dahl’s by her precious story
    “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.
    The story of Tabeer; as the name depicts; a dream. A dream that’s meant to be seen with opened eyes (but closed).
    Even if… the incredible story that let’s one meet Lazuline by an ordinary but an extraordinary question: “Who Am I?” And let one’s soul go through:
    • The Sea of Soul, where magic comes to life.
    • The Water, where the beauty of adaption, acceptance and tolarance is disclosed.
    • The sky aka Linchpin point… the gate to this is opened when one masters control of emotions.
    • The trees, where Baobab tells you that existence of birds up in the sky depends on you.
    • The Mountains; lefty and righty that tell how your hardwork make them rubies shiny and the diamonds are there to show the love for yourself and they are formed when you try to become become the better version of yourself.
    • The dust, a reminder of ‘To dust man shall return’.

    Tabeer’s journey shows that you’re the only hero of your life. Once you conquer yourself then there’s nothing that would keep you away from achieving your dreams.
    In addition to it, it tells us not to underestimate the power of DUA.

    It’s not just it, the five scrolls are the phenomenal gist of this story.
    But the sublimity of sixth one is unmatchable.

    In a nutshell, all that matters is “Believe in Him”.

  3. Reema Siraj

    One that instigates to bring forth the hidden magic _ be the real version of yourself_ by recognizing the potentials that is within one’ s soul, is the book of Momina Hafeez under the title “Even If” published by Auraq Publications, Islamabad on March 2019.
    The book is organized topically , containing 16 chapters, all interlinked like the beads of a single thread. The book fits in the genre of Novel. The style of the author is formal with lucid and simple language .
    The book focuses on the need to dive deep in the soul and come out clear and pure with all the enigmas resolved , setting on the quest to find realms of divine talents Which Almighty Allah has buried in You.
    The main character Lazuline _enchantress of the Sea of Soul- actually mesmerizes the reader by creating the trance of her words and her prismatic personality.
    The Dream of Tabeer is really significant which awakes the reader from the deep slumber and tells that ” the magic is inside of you”.
    The five scrolls at the end are the recapitualtion of all the themes of the novel.
    This book is the real magic where the author with her magical pen has made the reader realize that the soul of a person carries the real potential, one just need to find it , recognize it and utilize this.
    This magical book has enchanted me. It can enchant you as well .

  4. Areeba Ibrar

    ‘Even if’ by Momina Hafeez a master piece in my words………………..Ive read a lot of books in my life and a lot of them inspiring too………..but this book has now become one of my favourites…….it covers all the aspects of one’s life so efficiently ….the challenges one faces and the struggles one goes too…..while reading the book I was lost in the sea myself and thanks to these inspiring words now I am on a journey to find my own ‘Sea of Soul’………….Life crushes you with burdensome challenges and you loose your cool honestly but by reading this book I came to know that yes life crushes you sometimes with mountainous problems but it is up to you how you deal with the mountain ……….either by falling under it and being crushed by it or by making a little effort to stand up and walk a few steps to walk over the mountain and topple over it………….its up to you…….while reading I was satisfied that Tabeer didn’t give up and kept on walking over the mountainous burdens by keeping faith in herself and firm belief in Allah and in her capabilities……not to compare myself with others and not to copy others is what Momina Hafeez taught me a long time ago and most importantly NOT TO SURRENDER MY DREAMS,NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!not to ever let vengeance take over you and do whatever you can do to keep your bonds with you till your last breath………….the last I’ll like to add is that people made fun of Tabeer because of her belief in magic……..well people will always be there to make fun of your beliefs and goals but never let them rattle your spirit and keep on aspiring and working hard for more and more…….because there are also some people always behind your back looking after you and waiting to see you accomplish that you have always been working for…….Thank you for this lovely master piece I will recommend it to all of those who like to dream and also have the guts to achieve them coz it is inspiring as HELL!!!!!!!!! Would want to read more Momina Hafeez.

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